Established April 1 ,  2016

Small is beautiful, and different is beautiful...

To my knowledge significant progress has never been born of competition....

In science, being 'better' than others is of little practical value.

                                         ―Heinrich Rohrer

News  and  Events

2017.2.21-22  FEMTO-ST/LIMMS Joint Workshop, Besançon, 
                       France  More Information 

2016.12.12     LIMMS/CIBIS/CIRMM workshop "Workshop on    
                       International research leading to Innovation and  
                       new Technology bridging academics and 
                       societal demands"  More Information

2016.05.27     Technology Showcase from French Japanese
                        joint research laboratories in Japan, Tokyo 
                        (2016.06.15)  More information

2016.05.25     NAMIS International Autumn School 2016 

2016.05.25     Komaba Research Campus Open House 
                       (2016.06.03-04)    Poster Gallery

2016.04.01     CIRMM Evaluation Committee 2015 
                       (2015.07.30)   Report.pdf


Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Micro-Nano Methods

CIRMM is a research centre organized by nine faculty members, and situated in the heart of the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo.

The centre, renewed in April 2016, covers research founded in the Nano and Micro regime, but also encompasses scalable methods and fabrication to implement large scale devices or a large number of devices.

First established in the year 2000, it has yielded cutting edge scientific results and high-impact innovation. The centre also functions as a hub for international and multidisciplinary research, and keeps close collaboration with the CNRS, EU and numerous Research Centres around the world.

What is CIRMM?

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